Friday, December 31, 2010

Good Vibes Dump

Also known as Lemon Jelly. Watch the videos for added effect.

Bright happy vibrant pastel crayons, like a flower unfurling its dew-covered petals in spring, something something colourful pretty rainbows, pink daisies, and hidden longing for deeper meaning and proper syntax omg ducks!
Oh that Karl Marx!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

World Music

I am a huge fan of world music (afro beats, sitars, etc.) and here is a pretty sweet world music track. Someone on the YouTube comments (if you haven't noticed i usually read a few comments when I look at a youtube video. Fun fact!) said that someone should make a dubstep remix. Now I want to learn how...

theory: french + pop + music = good


Sunday, December 26, 2010

We Make More than just Bombs

Just arrived in Pakistan. Discovered a local band that makes some fantastic sounds when not protesting American drone strikes through mindless violence to kittens. Check out their soundcloud stuff:
Ok so those are links and we disapprove of links, so here is an unrelated music video.
or two...

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Back in the good ol' days (2008), I purchased a program called Audiosurf. It generated the level by analyzing a song of your choosing (so long as you provided the mp3 for it to analyze). A friend of mine linked me to this song, which happens to have a video track of someone playing Audiosurf to the song. And i really dug the song :P

Friday, December 24, 2010

merry christmas!

Here Is Your Present:

I don't know about you guys, but I am pretty active in my music search. For example, if I hear a really sick song, I will find more songs by that artist and see if I like them too. That's how I found this song. Enjoy.


I heard this song for the first time on the radio while I was driving to LA yesterday. I thought it was deliciously funky.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


You may not know this, but I *sometimes* do more than just dick around in front of my computer. In fact, right now I am working and this post is a handy procrastination activity. Anyways, my itunes library started playing this song while I was in the middle of a thought. I became aware of it about half way through and was pretty overwhelmed with awesome. Here it is:


One of my friends has a metaphor he likes to use for sadness. "You are like a panda with no bamboo!" That's pretty sad. This, however, is Gold Panda. Not so sad.

from the mixtape "ugly sweater party"

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Embrace the Derp Side

Why not.
The Dark Triumvirate is complete.
I can only hope that our meager offerings have pleased the demonic entities of the Dark Night.

I chose this size because it shows her nearly naked on a cloud of fresh, delicious souls.

This may not be good. It may not even be music. This is a blog, right?

Miley Cyrus

This song features Miley Cyrus.

Now, you may have noticed that i'm not really the Miley Cyrus type of guy. It's true. In fact, I didn't even know what she looked like until I saw this video of her taking a hit of salvia:

Incidentally, that was also the first time I had ever been to (the youtube video is that video but reversed so that it does not get taken down. You can see the reverse TMZ logo. But seriously, watch the whole thing even though some parts have annoying audio).

Anyways, now I think she's kind of cool.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Happiness Filled

When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to be happy, they may listen to this song.

The Darkest Night in Five Hundred years

Tonight there will be a lunar eclipse.
I am making this entry without access to the 't' or 'y' keys on my laptop.
Velvet is an unstable word.

Strange things are about to happen tonight...

Its alright, no one can hear you scream.

too indulgent?

"Thinking Of You" is the second single from the Tesla Boy's debut album Modern Thrills

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mystery Guitar Man

I subscribe to this guy on youtube.

He makes music by cutting in notes made by random objects.

Merry Dubmas

Out of the havoc of my finalsrape I emerge to wish you all an early Christmas. Whats that? One of you is Jewish? Someone wants a Kwanzaa? How about celebrating the Birthday of Quaid-E-Azam, founder of Pakistan? Never fear! Dubstep provides for all!

Okay so Dubstep Santa is modestly non-unitarian.

Skrillex, on the other hand, indiscriminately applies a chainsaw to the minds of all self-prescriptive in-groups, whether they be Methodist Pastafarian or Cultists of the Elder Gods.

Happy Cthulhu-La, all!

italo disco

remember that Shakira hit from a summer or two ago? she wolf. well, it borrowed a lot from the italian disco movement. here's an excellent tune from that era:

Download this song. [Mediafire]

Friday, December 17, 2010

We No Speak Americano (Premix)

We're all familiar with the We No Speak Americano song. All of us. Here is a premix:

Tron Comes Out Today

TRON is finally here. I don't know about you guys, but I am super duper excited. And in honor of this movie, I would like to present the music video for Daft Punk's Derezzed.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A+++ will listen again

Initially a modest chart topper in the UK and Sweden in 2007, this remix by Fred Falke makes an already great track absolutely incredible.

Download this song. [Mediafire]

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Welcome to Shpongolia

It appears that, after Myers' godlike post preceding this one, this blog is ready for the aural phenomenon known as Shpongle. The following songs are from their latest album, titled, "Ineffable Mysteries of Shpongleland".

We're not in Kansas anymore...

The Do Lab

I went to a Beats Antique concert in Hollywood on Oct 31st. There was obviously a costume contest, and the winner got a giant ticket to "Lightning in a Bottle," an event thrown by the organizers, The Do Lab. Of course i was all like "wtf is Lightning in a Bottle?" Well, its a sustainable living/art/music festival, and here is a sick ass video (with two really really cool songs) of last years Lightning in a Bottle.

The Do Lab itself is a stage/set design group, so they are affiliated with a bunch of different artists. In fact, while I was buying my ticket to the Beats Antique concert, this AMAZING song started playing from the Do Lab site. It is part of a whole compilation they put together (and is track #2 on this widget. Actually, at the very least listen to the first two tracks!!!). Also, the album is name your own price and the proceeds go to a climate change charity. No but seriously listen to the first two songs.

EDIT: Listen to Dervish as well.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Explication of Wave-Particle Duality

Ott can and will take over your senses and lead you in the direction of enlightenment. Be prepared to question the nature of your mind. Let the sonic interfacing commence.

I am tapping into your thoughts right now. Steep yourself in the hypercontext, for the singularity of all consciousness approaches!

Windows 7

I have a macbook pro. At the beginning of the summer I installed Windows 7 on it so that I could play a particular video game. This song COMES WITH WINDOWS 7 and is awesome :)

a very long drive...

Spent the whole day driving around Raleigh today. These are a couple of the songs I listened to...

Download this song. [Mediafire]

I might make an official driving playlist someday.

Contact by Jeronimo

I really enjoy this song. The album is Machine Gum, which is why the youtube video has a gun with pink stuff coming out of it. Just in case you were wondering.

Booka Shade

They say that seventeen female deities and eleven gods of chillaxation are lounging on plush cushions in the bejeweled temple of this song.

Download this song. [Rapidshare]

Monday, December 13, 2010

double feature

funk instrumental circa 1982

Download this song. [Mediafire]

rap throwback

Roustabout (Bassnectar Remix)

My favorite youtube comment for this video: Makes me wanna go to some fucked up circus.

Download this song. [Filefront]


It is wise to pace yourself when dealing with incredible bass. We all love to blow our minds with pulsating galaxies of sound, but every now and then we need to 'come down' from whatever trip we just engaged in. Slow down your mind and float downstream with the love.
But don't forget to turn up the Subwoofer.

Download this song [Mediafire]

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Good Muse Blog

A New Poster Appeared!
Due to my pseudo-religious psychosis, readers of this blog will occasionally be subjected to WOMP WOMP WOMP WOMP.
Turn up the SubWoofer for advanced sonic interfacing.

Download this song. [Mediafire]

Animus Vox by The Glitch Mob

Hey all, I have something really exciting for today.

This is a fan-created trailer for Tron: Legacy set to a super awesome song by The Glitch Mob. Apparently, fans of The Glitch Mob are known as "Glitch Mobsters." Now animus vox is a 6 minute song that has been edited down to two minutes for this video, but if you like the short version you will definitely like the longer version.

Anyways, here is their website. And just for good measure, here is another widget with the full album.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Beats Antique

Hey guys, here it is, our inaugural post. I figured I would start with one of my favorite bands, Beats Antique. I saw them in Lake Tahoe and LA.

A list of their upcoming shows is here. They will be in North County San Diego 2/23/11!!

Anyways, you can actually listen to the entirety of their most recent album with the little widget down below. I particularly like songs 1, 11, 12 and 14, but all of them are really good.