Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Do Lab

I went to a Beats Antique concert in Hollywood on Oct 31st. There was obviously a costume contest, and the winner got a giant ticket to "Lightning in a Bottle," an event thrown by the organizers, The Do Lab. Of course i was all like "wtf is Lightning in a Bottle?" Well, its a sustainable living/art/music festival, and here is a sick ass video (with two really really cool songs) of last years Lightning in a Bottle.

The Do Lab itself is a stage/set design group, so they are affiliated with a bunch of different artists. In fact, while I was buying my ticket to the Beats Antique concert, this AMAZING song started playing from the Do Lab site. It is part of a whole compilation they put together (and is track #2 on this widget. Actually, at the very least listen to the first two tracks!!!). Also, the album is name your own price and the proceeds go to a climate change charity. No but seriously listen to the first two songs.

EDIT: Listen to Dervish as well.


  1. thats emancipator at 0:46 and 1:43. in fact i recognize that song as being played by him before i lost cognitive retention in the bassnectar mindfuck.
    indubitably the best toast in the blog yet. bless you myers.

  2. First half is emancipator mashup of sigur ros and some rapper, and the second half is glitch mob drive it like you stole it.